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There are so many types of decks on the market today, it can be confusing to say the least. That’s why at Paradisaic we believe it is important to educate customers on the choices available to them.

When choosing materials for your deck it is important to consider the use your deck will take. Remember while an average 12 x 14 deck floor in PT lumber may be in the range of $4200, against a more expensive material like capped composite at $8200; the PT deck won’t need replacement for approximately 15-20 years but aesthetically will need upkeep and maintenance while the composite will last 25+ years while holding its looks. The floor of the deck is what takes the wear, so accessories such as gazebos or pergolas can be constructed from PT or cedar which is less expensive, easy to stain/seal and complements the look of a composite floor. Your Paradisaic rep will be able to give you detailed explanations about all the materials available and help you decide on what is best for your particular situation.

Types of Decks

Low Maintenance

When you hear that decking is low maintenance, it generally refers to composite decks. Within composite decks there can be a great range of quality and price, and these products have improved dramatically in recent years so are a popular choice for decking.

Each decking type has its own pros and cons…here’s a brief review of the options available starting with the least expensive. Your Paradisaic consultant can give you further information on the benefits of each of them.

Pressure Treated

A combination of spruce, pine and fir woods commonly referred to as SPF or dimensional lumber. Its main advantage is that it is inexpensive and if treated with a sealant will last up to 15 years.  The disadvantage to SPF is over time it dries and develops cracks or splinters. Untreated SPF will turn a greyish silver over time, and so should be treated with a  sealer a minimum of every couple years.


A step up from SPF, cedar provides an attractive look. We use Western Red Cedar which has a warm red hue and a straight grain which provides a rich look when stained. The advantage of cedar is that it naturally resists rot and insects, even when untreated, older lumber being even more rot resistant. When used close to a wet area cedar can be susceptible to rot and should be treated yearly with a sealer.  The disadvantage  to cedar is the higher cost although throughout its lifespan it ages better than SPF.


Curved Decking is a wonderful new option that lends itself to a number of applications. The smooth flowing curves add interest and sophistication to the look of your deck, and no sharp edges for the kids to run into! Additionally, curved decking makes the best and most economical use of space as it can work around existing structures. Creating curved elements is challenging customized work and Paradisaic is pleased to have the skill and experience to specialize in this area.


Non-capped composite is the next in line from a cost perspective. In general, composite is a combination of wood flour or sawdust mixed with plastic and then extruded into planks, textured and coloured. There are definite quality levels within the composite world, and at the higher end of the scale the composite mixture goes all the way to the surface of the board as opposed to being in the core. Since there is still raw wood exposed to the elements in composites, minor stains, mould and fading can occur.

Capped composites  – these are the top end of the composite world. They are usually the same wood and plastic mixture inside but they also have a polymer shell around the outside of the board. Trex provides a much higher fade times – around the 30-40 year range; and the ones we favour have a 25 year warranty. The surfaces are available in more options for texture and colour; they mimic wood much better and even come in exotic hardwood looks. Inside the capped composite there are also various grades based primarily on composition. We favour Trex and Timbertech brands because they use maple wood flour in their mix which is a very dense hardwood and therefore more resistant to rot. Some companies are pioneers in this area and are now coupling their mix with the addition of an anti-rot solution and a polymer coating that extends all the way around the board, we think this is the best option within this category


The final and top-end choice, this pure plastic material is the most expensive but offers better density, is scratch resistant and considered ultra low maintenance. While not as resistant to fading or as composite this material is susceptible to staining with suntan lotion or bug spray

Exotic Woods

We also work with exotic woods, IPE being one of the most popular. Also known as Lapcheo or Brazilian Walnut, it offers a huge advantage in that it resists rot, mould, decay and insects without treatment. Also IPE has an A1 fire rating meaning that it is not combustible  – a huge nod to safety. It has a smooth surface that doesn’t splinter and if used with a sealer will last for 50+ years, eventually turning a silvery patina. It is extremely dense, hard and very strong.


Gazebos are generally free standing structures in the yard with a roof and open windows; traditionally octagons or squares, they can be created in many shapes and designs to suit your space. They are ideal for providing a quite shady space to curl up with a book and a cool glass of lemonade and can also be enclosed with screening to eliminate the aggravation of bugs.


Pergolas or arbours are open projecting eves, often built against existing structures and constructed of posts usually with a slatted roof. They make ideal passageways from one area to another or an ideal area for a private spa. Their open design make them ideal for climbing plants and vines.

Outdoor Environments

What do we mean by an outdoor environment? It’s about making the most of the space outside your home with decking, solariums, and landscaping which reflects your lifestyle. Its creating living space in nature adding year round enjoyment to your time at home. You could  pack up the family each weekend and drive a couple of hours to the cottage for relaxation, or you could invest in a ready-made vacation spot right in your own backyard. Outdoor environments provide areas for entertainment, cooking, play and relaxation without the hassle of travel. From spa and pool surrounds to decking and landscaping, a Paradisaic consultant can show you all the options available to create your own personal paradise.

“It’s about creating beautiful, functional spaces for people and the pleasure of seeing a clients enjoyment.”

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“It started with a small deck for a local family I knew…looking back now I never could have imagined how fulfilling it is to create special places for families to come together…”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“Design is such a fluid and subjective thing which is why each of my designs is unique to the families who will be enjoying them….”

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“I want to make it easy for customers. You hear horror stories about contractors… Paradisaic that’s not the way we work.”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“I really enjoy being active in the industry…it’s a great opportunity to learn and to meet suppliers who have the same business ideals as I do….”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“I believe in educating customers about their projects. Materials, methods, these things should be discussed openly so the client always understands what they are getting.”

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“Nature should be part of the design as much as the design should be part of nature.”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“There’s such a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you see a finished project. When you see it with the finishing touches being enjoyed by a family, that’s the best feeling of all….”


“Families grow and change….their space should be able to do the same….”


“I believe it is so important to use the best possible materials when I build….if I don’t believe in the quality I don’t use it….simple as that.”


“I understand how difficult it is for customers to achieve a balance between their dreams and their budget which is why I encourage people to share their ideas with me so I can help them reach that balance…”


“I’m pleased with our process….the customer knows what to expect….the crews know what they’re to do….just makes the whole experience less stressfull all around….”


“It’s so insiring to look back at previous projects…gives me a sense of pride knowing familes are enjoying these beautiful spaces….”


“I want people to feel confident in choosing Paradisaic and I’m always open to conversation and questions so there’s never any surprises…”