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Commercial Renovations

Your Business….Your Vision

Create a functional, welcoming & extraordinary work environment…make it your space with Paradisaic

Whether you are looking to update your current commercial space or create a brand new one, Paradisiac will help you build the functional, welcoming & extraordinary work environment you’ve always wanted.  From design to the finite details our  team will help you through every step to ensure your vision becomes a reality. Call us today to find out what we can do for you!


If you’re thinking of updating your fixtures, planning a remodeling or starting something new, we can help you establish budgets, materials and design. Whether you’re looking to create a luxurious retreat where you can escape to soak in the tube, or a spacious organized bathroom that can withstand the daily stampede of the family, Paradisaic can help you create the bathroom of your dreams.


Maybe you don’t need a full remodelling….just a refresh. You’d be amazed at the difference new fixtures, lighting and paint will make to a tired bathroom and it is a cost effective way to bring new life to the bath without the expense of a full remodel.

Full Remodelling

Sometimes a face lift is just not going to cut it, so we also offer full remodelling services. That  tiny corner shower could stretch wall-to-wall with rain heads and seating that makes you want to stay in the shower forever. Our fully qualified workers can move those pipes, rearrange your layout and finish it all beautifully so you’ll never recognize your old bathroom.

New Installations

Families grow, needs change and sometimes you just need another bathroom. Whether you need an extra half-bath in the basement, or there’s fierce competition to get into the bathroom before the rest of the family, we can help with a new installation. Simply talk to your Paradisaic consultant and we will work with you and the available space to create a brand new bath the whole family can enjoy!


The basement can be so much more than a laundry area or the place where you hide the junk. A finished basement adds considerable livable space and value to your home and you should make that space work for you. Let Paradisaic help design and build a basement that meets your families’ needs and lifestyle whether that’s a cozy place for the family to gather together, and organized place for storage or that bar room you’ve always wanted. What works for your lifestyle?

Family Rooms

Basements make great family rooms. They’re ideal for watching TV, playing board games, or giving the kids an area of their own to play in. Add in a washroom and you have a self-contained area for all your indoor activities while saving wear and tear on your main floors.

Entertainment Areas

Think built in bars and pool tables….a place where friends can come and relax while watching the game. Or maybe you’ve always wanted a sauna. We have lots of ideas on how you can turn your basement into the most relaxing spot on the block!

Utility & Storage Rooms

Maybe you don’t need extra space, or don’t have a large family….nothing wrong with going with a purely functional basement. We can help you create custom areas for laundry, work tools or storage and turn your basement  into organizational space!


The kitchen can be so much more than a cooking area or the place where store your food. A finished kitchen adds considerable livable space and value to your home and you should make that space work for your family. Let Paradisaic help design and build a kitchen that meets your families’ needs and lifestyle whether that’s a cozy place for the family to gather together, and organized place for storage or that amazing island you always wanted. What works for your lifestyle?

Eat In Kitchen

An Eat In kitchen makes it easy to spend more time with your family and serving is a breeze.  Is this something you always wanted but not sure how to work it into your home.  We can help you conceptualize and work with you to bring your vision to life.

Full Remodel

Your kitchen to tight or doesn’t flow for your lifestyle?  Let us help you make your space more streamlined so you can enjoy your time in your kitchen and you wont have the negative thoughts while your making meals.  Its time to figure out how you can make it better!

Cabinets and Counters

Looking to replace your countertop or you cabinets, we can help you there!  From selecting the perfect style and colour to the perfect material, we will help you through the complete process and provide you with the kitchen you always wanted.

“It’s about creating beautiful, functional spaces for people and the pleasure of seeing a clients enjoyment.”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“It started with a small deck for a local family I knew…looking back now I never could have imagined how fulfilling it is to create special places for families to come together…”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“Design is such a fluid and subjective thing which is why each of my designs is unique to the families who will be enjoying them….”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“I want to make it easy for customers. You hear horror stories about contractors… Paradisaic that’s not the way we work.”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“I really enjoy being active in the industry…it’s a great opportunity to learn and to meet suppliers who have the same business ideals as I do….”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“I believe in educating customers about their projects. Materials, methods, these things should be discussed openly so the client always understands what they are getting.”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“Nature should be part of the design as much as the design should be part of nature.”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“There’s such a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you see a finished project. When you see it with the finishing touches being enjoyed by a family, that’s the best feeling of all….”


“Families grow and change….their space should be able to do the same….”


“I believe it is so important to use the best possible materials when I build….if I don’t believe in the quality I don’t use it….simple as that.”


“I understand how difficult it is for customers to achieve a balance between their dreams and their budget which is why I encourage people to share their ideas with me so I can help them reach that balance…”


“I’m pleased with our process….the customer knows what to expect….the crews know what they’re to do….just makes the whole experience less stressfull all around….”


“It’s so insiring to look back at previous projects…gives me a sense of pride knowing familes are enjoying these beautiful spaces….”


“I want people to feel confident in choosing Paradisaic and I’m always open to conversation and questions so there’s never any surprises…”