Vision of work – Paradisaic

Vision of Work

Design is the secret behind each of the decks Ben creates. Each is designed with the needs of the family in mind. Whether that is a play area for the kids, an idyllic space to relax surrounded with the gentle sound of running water or a beautiful entertainment area complete with outdoor kitchen. The needs of the customer are always the first step towards creating a stylish and functional addition to your home space.

It’s important that any new space be functional as well as look stunning…the elegant brunch you planned doesn’t need sand clouds from the kids play area landing in the salad! That’s why when you meet with a Paradisaic consultant their first step will be to get to know you, your lifestyle and the space you are working with.

Together we can create a space that fits your lifestyle and brings you years of enjoyment!


At Paradisaic we stay active in the industry to continue expanding our knowledge of our ever growing industry and to demonstrate our leadership in it.
Paradisaic’s designs are consistently recognized in the industry for outstanding design.

Award of Excellence 2015 Residential Construction $50k-$100k – Landscape Ontario

Award of Excellence 2014 Residential Construction $50k-$100k – Landscape Ontario

Two time 2014 Nation Deck Competition Winner – North American Deck and Railing Association

October 2013 TimberTech Contractor Spotlight – TimberTech, CPG Group

2013 Best Wood Deck over 500 sq. ft – North American Deck and Railing Association

November 2013 Deck of the Month Award – TimberTech

2012 2nd Place, National Deck Competition – North American Deck and Railing Association

October 2012 TimberTech Contractor Spotlight – TimberTech

July 2012 2nd Place, National Deck Competition 2013 – North American Deck and Railing Association

We are proud to receive recognition from colleagues for our work and use our new knowledge to better serve our customers


Paradisaic is a proud member of of the BBB since 2006 and has an A+ rating.
We are also members in good standing of NADRA (North American Deck and Railing Association), and Landscape Ontario.

“It’s about creating beautiful, functional spaces for people and the pleasure of seeing a clients enjoyment.”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“It started with a small deck for a local family I knew…looking back now I never could have imagined how fulfilling it is to create special places for families to come together…”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“Design is such a fluid and subjective thing which is why each of my designs is unique to the families who will be enjoying them….”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“I want to make it easy for customers. You hear horror stories about contractors… Paradisaic that’s not the way we work.”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“I really enjoy being active in the industry…it’s a great opportunity to learn and to meet suppliers who have the same business ideals as I do….”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“I believe in educating customers about their projects. Materials, methods, these things should be discussed openly so the client always understands what they are getting.”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“Nature should be part of the design as much as the design should be part of nature.”

BenParadisaic Building Group

“There’s such a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you see a finished project. When you see it with the finishing touches being enjoyed by a family, that’s the best feeling of all….”


“Families grow and change….their space should be able to do the same….”


“I believe it is so important to use the best possible materials when I build….if I don’t believe in the quality I don’t use it….simple as that.”


“I understand how difficult it is for customers to achieve a balance between their dreams and their budget which is why I encourage people to share their ideas with me so I can help them reach that balance…”


“I’m pleased with our process….the customer knows what to expect….the crews know what they’re to do….just makes the whole experience less stressfull all around….”


“It’s so insiring to look back at previous projects…gives me a sense of pride knowing familes are enjoying these beautiful spaces….”


“I want people to feel confident in choosing Paradisaic and I’m always open to conversation and questions so there’s never any surprises…”